Cool Tech Items

Tech Items

In this new age of technology, who doesn’t love tech items? Thanks to online shopping and email gift delivery it is easier than ever to find cool tech items. You’ll love these items no matter what age. Check out these tech options and then get shopping. Unless you are more in to video games, in which Battlefield V would be a better option. 


tech items
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Amazon Gift Card

You can’t go wrong with the last minute gift of an Amazon gift card. You can buy anything on there from clothes, games, and  now even groceries from Whole Foods. Your Whole Foods order gets delivered to your house too. Getting an Amazon gift card is a fantastic gift and most people will appreciate it. Unlike a cell phone spy app, you don’t want people to know. 

Custom Photo Art

If you have trouble saving photos from Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites, check out custom photo art. You can get a CanvasPop gift certificate that can be emailed to you. This way you can pick out your favorite social media photos and have them printed on canvas and framed.

Netflix Membership

One of the best tech items is a streaming service. I love entertainment and movies so you must get Netflix. You can buy a subscription to Netflix and give an entire year of her favorite movies and TV shows. Then after a year you can decide if you want to keep the streaming service or not. 

tech items
Netflix On A Computer

Subscription Boxes

If meal kit boxes aren’t the right fit for you, there are plenty of other subscription boxes that she might enjoy. There are clothing subscription boxes that will send outfits customized to your door. There are skin care and makeup boxes that she can customize too. Subscription boxes can be filled with foods from around the world or handcrafted items made by people in other countries. 

Kindle Books

If you have has a tablet or a smartphone, getting a kindle for reading books does wonders. You can download books and magazines instantly to your tablet or to the Kindle app. There actually is a Kindle app on smartphones for easy use. Even though book reading isn’t as popular with streaming services, I still love to read. 


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